Privacy and safety, familiar environment. Baradero's gullies it is the only place to spend a few agreeable vacations or weekends of relaxation...
Ideal for colonies of vacations, spiritual retirement, groups of scout and of the third age.
Camping: It counts with parrillas individuals, baths with warm water, electrical light, swimming pool, store.
Housing: We possess individual departments, where from 2 to 6 persons can hospedarce.
Wide lounges of events, in which meetings, receptions, feasts can be organized...
We have everything necessary to realize Tourism of Adventure and / or Rural Tourism.
Treks, cavalcades, fishing, sports and games are some of so many activities that can be realized in our facilities...
Phone : 03329 482977

Tiro Federal

Alte. Brown  St  & Emilio Samyn St
Phone -  03329- 485742/ 15-549-606

Municipal Alte. Brown
Alte. Brown St. s/n
In front of the river Baradero.
Phone - 03329- 480931

Club de Pesca y Náutica

Alte. Brown St. s/n
Phone - 03329- 481990

Club Luz y Fuerza

Alte. Brown St. s/n.
Phone -  03329 -  482906/486641

Club Sportivo Baradero

Route 41 & A. Barbich St.
Phone -  03329- 480209/484448
Camping Químicos
Coastal Zone
Alte. Brown St without number
Phone-  03329-480--473
Camping LA MUTUA
Coastal Zone
Alte. Brown St w/n
Phone - 03329-483-717